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A Letter From The Owner...

I started my roofing company in 1978, and I have always centered my attention around excellent products, warranties and service. Our customer base at Tri-CountyContracting has grown statewide, not only because of this, but also around this. Our clients want high quality products and service backed by the best warranties on the market; but over the years, I've noticed that not all could afford the higher prices demanded by the roofing industry. They had many reasons, whether it was income, age, hardship or moving. And for some, they just did n't want to spend their hard-earned money. I wanted somehow to be able to offer these homeowners an alternative.

All the years that I sold for Tri-County Contracting I noticed something - homeowners have different concepts of value. All cared about products and warranties, but to different degrees. Some were OK with average, and some wanted better than average products with better than average warranties, and still others wanted only the best; but all wanted to make their own decisions. All groups realized that the better the products and warranties the higher the cost. Yet all really did want excellent service. Service meant peace of mind to them. When I would present and explain my bid to people, they would say things like, "I want your company, but isn't there something we can do about the price? Other companies are less expensive, but their products and service scare me. I want your company for their price!" So I came up with the Build-A-Roof concept. I'll personally sit down with you and present all your options. I'll start with a price I guarantee will be the most inexpensive price you will receive (that's if my competition doesn't make a mistake in measuring) and we'll build your own personal roof from there. You will be in control of the situation throughout; I'll only be there to advise. At the end, you will know exactly what your getting and paying for. Your custom roof will be no more or no less than perfect for your home and budget. I guarantee the process of buying a new roof will be painless. You will learn a lot and probably have some fun along the way. And at the end ... no buyer's remorse!

Frank Zeka
Owner and President of Tri-County Contracting and Build-A-Roof concept
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