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How do I know I need a new Roof?
  • Does it leak?
  • Does it have visual damage?
  • Is it older than 15 years?

How many bids should I get?
  • Three or four, any more and you will be confused.

Cost is a factor. How do I know which company to go with?
  • If cost is a major factor then you should take into consideration several things:
  • The reputation of the company
  • The size and stability of the company
  • Warranties
  • Ask yourself: Does this company feel right?

How will I know if I'm being oversold?
  • If you sign a contract and you still have unanswered questions
  • If your gut tells you something's wrong
  • If the contractor seemed pushy and you weren't encouraged to ask questions or to sleep on your decision
Remember: it's your house and your money. Don't sign a contract until you're sure. At Build-A-Roof we'll tear up a contract that you have second thoughts about.

Why should I choose Build-A-Roof?
  • Most likely we're going to be the most cost effective
  • We're backed by a large company that's been in business for 37 years
  • We're family owned and local
  • Plus we have a A+ rating with the BBB
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